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Women Sailors spin yarns of their adventures in our online storytelling series, She Sailor Sea Story. Tune in for an evening of intrigue, laughter and community. Join LIVE or at your convenience here for the replays. Keep up to date on our next guests by joining NWSA or subscribing to our facebook page.

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Explore Our Archived Episodes


September 14 2023 with Yosh Han, Sheila McCurdy and Anne Kolker hosted by: Debbie Huntsman


February 27 2023 with author Captain Bill Pinkney and illustrator Pamela Rice

Margie shares her adventure sailing solo across the Pacific, while Sarah makes a solo circumnavigation attempt around Vancouver Island.


December 20, 2023 with Members of NWSA

She Sailors shared sea poetry, chanties and pottery and art to bid adieu to 2022 and raise a toast to 2023. It was a special celebration and a great night of creativity and sharing.


November 7, 2022 with Jeannie Zortman & Rebecca Stirling hosted by: Debbie Huntsman

Enjoy the National Women’s Sailing Association’s CRUISE episode with stories from author Rebecca Stirling and adventurer Jeannie Zortman. Rebecca was born into sailing. Jeannie has used sailing to quench her thirst for exploring the shrinking natural world.



August 26, 2022 with Daisy, Allyson & Stephanie hosted by: Anne Bryant

3 young beneficiaries of generous organizations who support young girls in their passion for sailing share their stories of how they came to sailing, All from very diverse backgrounds with unique challenges to achieving their sailing goals. 


June 17, 2022 with Margie Woods & Sarah Scott

Margie shares her adventure sailing solo across the Pacific, while Sarah makes a solo circumnavigation attempt around Vancouver Island.


Feb. 16, 2022 with Marie Rogers, Wanda Robertson, Pam Rice 

In celebration of Black History Month, Marie Roger’s tells of a childhood spent as an outsider in a white neighborhood to becoming the first Black woman Commodore of the Los Angeles Yacht Club


July 1 2021 with Mo Villalobos Morrow, Victoria & Sarah Pederson

hosted by Skipper Jenn Harkness. 3 female sailors tell their wind-themed stories of discovery, beauty, growth and survival.


March 29 2021 with Gioia Blix, Sam Hicks and Amy Nelson

This special episode is an apt celebration of women who were given a chance to make magical moments for crew, children and communities along the Hudson River Valley.


Sept 18, 2020 with Anne Bryant 

Anne’s boats are works of high artisan craftsmanship. On a cold day a particularly sentimentally cherished, hand-built craft breaks away in high seas! OH! NO!


May 23 2020 with Susan Epstein

Native of Boston, MA, Epstein sailed and raced on the waters of Massachusetts Bay since she was six years old. She shares her long sailing journey of knocking out glass ceilings by using her fast moving mast. 


with Barbara Ross, Amy Alton, Marie Rogers

Conditions encountered while rounding a Hawaiian island taught Barbara Ross a few sailing lessons she has not forgotten even decades later.