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AdventureSail has been a jewel in the crown of WSF/NWSA for over two decades! It was designed to foster the next generation of female sailors. We understand the importance of providing opportunities for sailing early. And we know that barriers preventing all young women and girls from making it to the water must be overcome.

Towards that goal, NWSA will be partnering with US Sailing. Together we are expanding the program to include US Sailing’s community sailing centers nationwide.

We can help you explore ways to make sailing more accessible to young women ages 9-14. All girls deserve the opportunity to learn to love sailing the way we do.


In 1996, Doris Colgate through the National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) introduced AdventureSail®, a mentoring program for at-risk girls between the ages of 9 and 14. Each year since then more than 150 girls across the country are introduced to sailing through the program. Women and men in local sailing clubs, yacht clubs and other partnering associations volunteer with local girl-serving organizations to offer underserved girls a sailing day, offering new experiences and fun. The program is flexible in that the host facility determines what the day will look like and what kinds of activities and boats will be included.

Skills, such as, teamwork, environmental stewardship, leadership, individual responsibility, self-esteem, respect for authority and the importance of education are stressed, helping girls to navigate toward a successful adulthood. AdventureSail® continues to expand its programs to serve new areas of the country and to involve a growing number of girl-serving organizations.

In 1996 the Women’s Sailing Foundation (WSF) was incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization. WSF is the legal and parent company of the AdventureSail® program.


To enrich the lives of America’s young underserved girls through sailing, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. To open girls’ eyes to a multitude of life’s positive possibilities, and through continued participation in sailing:

  • Provide a positive activity that will encourage affirmative life choices

  • Develop self-confidence to overcome adverse living conditions

  • Introduce career paths and opportunities that involve the marine industry, marine related sciences and their local waters.

Explore the event archives of past AdventureSail Programs at venues and clubs across the country!



To locate participants for each program, we continue to identify and enter into agreements with national organizations that provide opportunities for girls, preferably focused on Black, indigenous, other girls of color, or girls from disenfranchised groups and communities.


  • A day of introducing sailing to underserved girls ages 9 to 14 at an approved sailing, commercial or community sailing facility.

  • Boats, qualified volunteer instructors as mentors on board, and other sailing-related activities are arranged by the local organization. The activities are fun, educational and the instructors and volunteers for the most part are young women, providing positive female role models.

  • Program is free to participants
  • Unique to each location. The boats and the agenda are provided by the host organization. Some events have a guest speaker. Some use small boats while other locations use cruising boats. Some engage in spirited competition. It all depends on what the organizer arranges. Current and past AdventureSail events demonstrate the variety of types of events. Each will show the enthusiasm and smiles of the girls, who may be getting on the water for the first time in their lives.

  • Waivers are necessary for all participant, girls and volunteers. Click here.



  • Sow a seed on career paths and opportunities that involve the marine industry, marine related sciences

  • Provide positive role models on and off the water

  • Share team building activities

  • Offer application for learn-to-sail scholarships to participating girls
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  • Offer junior membership in the National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) to participating girls until they reach 18 years of age
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  • 100% of the program is funded through Individual donations via the website or by check

  • NWSA members

  • Donations of product (such as food or swags) at the event

  • Everyone who works with the program is a volunteer.

Explore the event archives of past AdventureSail Programs at venues and clubs across the country!


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AdventureSail® is a program of the Women’s Sailing Foundation, a 501(c) 3 organization. The program is sustained by charitable donations of any amount.