This She Sailor Sea Story was broadcast LIVE online on March 15, 2024 and featured Lili Colby, Emily Zugnoni and Kate Tannian, with host Anne Bryant and Producer Debbie Huntsman.



Lili Colby

Lili Colby shares her story of how she and her husband fell in love with a land-locked lighthouse and made it into their home and their boating safety business office.


Emily Zugnoni

“The Light” Emily Zugnoni grew up sailing on the estuary and San Francisco Bay on her grandfather’s Tartan 30, Lelo Too. In her twenties she turned her passion for sailing into a career by earning her Coast Guard Merchant Mariner License, and instructing at the Alameda Community Sailing Center (ACSC) and Club Med in Florida. Emily later inherited Lelo Too (and her crew!) and they continue to race on the Oakland-Alameda Estuary weekly. Emily is currently the Program Director at Alameda Community Sailing Center and an instructor at Club Nautique. Alemeda Community Sailing Center was honored last month for their Outstanding Community Sailing Program by US Sailing.


Kate Tannian

“The Light” Kate Tannian is Programming and Interpretation Manager at the New Canal Lighthouse Museum and Education Center. She’s from St Louis where most of the time she spent on the water was in an innertube floating down a river. She was so in awe the first time she saw the ocean off the coast of Connecticut, her parents had to drag her away from the chilly beach. Kate confessed she has only been on a sailboat twice and one of those times she was almost knocked in the water by the boom. She loves to kayak! She spend most of her time near the water instead of on the water with her feet firmly on the Lighthouse grounds. That said, watching the boats go out is one of her favorite activities at the Lighthouse. She especially enjoys watching the regattas, but says, “I can’t say I can ever tell who is winning.” Kate shares the story of the New Canal Lighthouse on the southshore of Lake Pontchartrain, in New Orleans, LA.


Q & A Segment of “The Light” with Kate Tannian