In this episode we met Pat Deiselman, a previous recipient of the NWSA / BoatUS Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award, . Pat is a volunteer who just keeps giving to women’s sailing. Hear her story of selfless service to the sport she loves.

Skipper Jenn Harkness shares a few pages from the unusual log from Poop Deck, a 1976 Ranger 29 she refit herself. She colorfully tells of a few of her adventures, insights on diversity and mental health in a sparkling format of fun.

Ruth Beal founded Arizona Yacht Club in 1958! Beal’s daughter, Sue Bohl, reads her mother’s letter about promoting sailing in Arizona written for her alumni magazine. AYC is still alive and well with over 300 members and racing on two lakes in the greater Phoenix area.

Pat Dieselman


Skipper Jenn Harkness


Memories of Ruth Beals shared by Sue Bohl