Duirng the July 1, 2021 episode of She Sailor Sea Story — WIND hosted by Skipper Jennifer Harkness  — three female sailors tell their wind-themed stories of discovery, beauty, growth and survival.

Enjoy a She Sailor Sea Story with the theme WIND as Mo Villalobos Morrow journey takes her to the Sea of Cortez. While she learns her boat, she finds herself and peace at sea.

As her head popped up Sarah Pederson told herself, “You know what to do, this doesn’t have to be your end.” Her story starts on a stormy night with a swift and severe windshift causing the sailboat to auto-tack, then broach, sweeping Sarah overboard into the 56 degree dark water of Lake Michigan.

Victoria Wahlig confesses fears of what she felt was too much wind. She attempted to hide her dread from her friends who rejoyced for the abundant breeze. The wind and her worry temporarily got the better of her. With encouraging tips from her coach Victoria overcame fear, got out of irons to sail with her friends. She found the fun of riding the wind along the tops of the waves.