WOWZR! We are doing it again.

Lake Pleasant, Phoenix, Arizona on November 5-7, 2021 WOWZR! returns. Registration is OPEN. Space is limited. Typically weather for this event is splendid, allowing for most of the event to happen in the great outdoors. Vaccination will be required for everyone’s health safety. It’s going to be fun again.

The inaugural WOWZR! was a high-quality learning event for women sailors from across the nation. There was a lot of learning, sharing, enthusiasm and fun during the three days.

NWSA is fostering future events like WOWZR! Join us to help make boats racing with all women crews common and competitive.

Windy City hosts National Women’s Sailing Association Conference

Sharing Sailing was not only the theme for the 21st annual National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) Conference on September 11th, it was the purpose of the event.

Held at the predominantly African American Jackson Park Yacht Club in Chicago it was a picture perfect day for learning sailing skills and gaining practical nautical knowledge. Workshops, ranged from beginner to advanced, were shared by all women instructors. Half-day, on-the-water courses included; Welcome Aboard, Jib and Spinnaker Trim and Docking. Land-based workshops included; training on basic diesel maintenance, prevention of sailing mishaps, marlinspike and navigation. Panel discussions — which were also presented on-line and recorded — included strategies for women entering and growing in sailing, sailing green and clean and how to choose the right boat. 

Lunch time at the conference


AdventureSail® Day partners with US Sailing + Tall Ships America

August 14, 2021 — NWSA has redesigned the delivery of our long-standing AdventureSail program. Cooperating with US Sailing, Tall Ships America and others, we are working to introduce more underserved girls to sailing. We have had both well established hosts and new hosts enjoy successful sails for girls this summer — and a few are scheduled soon. Look for AdventureSail photos and stories in the October issue of the NWSA newsletter, Take the Helm.

Apply to host a local AdventureSail Day on August 13 in 2022. Let’s continue the work to increase the number of girls we introduce to the magic and joys of sailing.