June 6–7, 2020

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Congratulations to the 2020 Leadership in Women’s Sailing honoree

Margaret Pommert

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Another successful
Marine Diesel Engine Workshop for Women
Completed Feb. 8–9, 2020

Thank you 


WOWZR! Let’s do it again.

Thank you to the amazing coaches and the Tumbleweed Sailing volunteers who worked to make the first WOWZR! a high-quality learning event for women sailors from across the nation. There was a lot of learning, sharing, enthusiasm and fun during the three days.

NWSA envisions future events like WOWZR! to help make seeing boats racing with all women crews more common.

Pencil in WOWZR! at Lake Pleasant November 5-7, 2021. We’ll be back!

Hands-on learning in charming Port Townsend, WA


Learning exactly how to use a flare, then practicing, will make using one while facing an emergency safer.

Moderated by Sheila McCurdy of US Sailing, with Nancy Erley and Linda Newland, this course proved to be invaluable for racers and cruisers alike, offering women sailors both online and experiential learning as well as certification from US Sailing. Check back again for our next Coastal Safety at Sea event. 


St. Croix hosted the 1st AdventureSail in 2019.

Participants at the WSA-OC Dana Point AdverntureSailWSA-OC had a great group of girls at Dana Point’s 1st AdventureSail.

Before the boatload of fun at Lake Pleasant, AZ.

AdventureSail® is a program for at-risk girls ages 9 to 14 with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Life skills, such as leadership, responsibility, teamwork, environmental stewardship, respect for authority and the importance of education, are stressed to help these girls grow into successful adults. WSF offers Learn to Sail Scholarships as part of the AdventureSail® experience. WSF continues to partner and sustain these partnerships with community outreach programs and sailing associations and yacht clubs. The goal is to continue to reach out to new areas of the country to bring AdventureSail® into the lives of underserved girls.