pictured above: Colleen Imerman shows off a stunning sunset

For Colleen sailing is exhilarating and can test your bravery, or is peaceful and can test your patience. Either way it is a great connection between yourself and nature.

Growing up in Michigan, Colleen Imerman’s parents would take her family on overnight sailing adventures on Lake St. Clair, the Great Lakes, and even the Florida Keys. As a 10 year-old, she received her first formal instruction and certification for dingy sailing. Then, in high school her father gave her a Sunfish. Her love for sailing expanded and grew. Even after college, grad school, marriage, and a move to Colorado to start a family, Colleen continued to sail her Sunfish when she visited Michigan. During graduate school, Imerman tried sailboat racing for the first time in Cowes Week on a Victory. Loving that experience, she continues to seek sailboat racing opportunities.

Colleen attended the WOWazR! Women on Water Arizona Regatta in Novemer 2023. It was her first NWSA event. She had a good time and wrote, “I met so many incredible and accomplished women sailors from various sailing and racing backgrounds. I learned a great deal, had so much fun, and look forward to another NWSA event.”

Colleen wrote, “In the last year, I raced in the SoCal300. I am currently part of a J/22 sailboat share program and take any opportunity to race as crew. As far as cruising sailboats, my husband and I have sailed catamarans with his mom in the BVI and the Abacos in the Bahamas. For over a decade, my children and I have cruised and sailed the Great Lakes with their uncle and cousins. Making sailing and cruising memories with my family has been one of the biggest joys for me as a parent. Learning to race sailboats, including offshore racing has been one a personal joy. So, I guess you could say, I really like to sail!

I am thankful for my parents, siblings, and all of the sailors who have given me opportunities to sail and learn from them. I am especially grateful to have a wonderful community of sailors and organizations in the land-locked state of Colorado.”

Colleen said, “I have so many sailing dreams, but one dream I hope to make come true is a family sailing vacation in Croatia.” She would love for her family to sail together. Cruising while learning about the local history, eating the local foods, and exploring the area together, is a dream she hopes to make come true. Although her family members all have sailing experiences, they have never all been together on a bareboat cruise.

If Colleen made her wish come true, sail for a month, but only pack five things. She would have a pretty small sea bag. She would have to check it in order to take her first choice a multitool saying, “You never know what you’ll need to fix on a boat!”
1. A multitool with a knife.
2. Nuun or some other hydration tablets, “To help with electrolytes.”
3. Navionics- supplemental to my charts.
4. Nocs Zoom Tube, “I like to have a binoculars or a monocular.”
5. A headlamp

Coleen luckily generally does not get seasick. She knows it’s a possibility.

If she is below in rough conditions, saying, “Chances are good I will.”

If she was asked to share sailing wisdom with a young girl she would tell them, “If you are interested in sailing, go after it and don’t be shy. Learning sailing skills empower you for life in unexpected ways. Be patient with yourself and have fun!”