Meet Sara Vey Ortiz, the February 2021 NWSA President’s Member of the Month. Sara is a new NWSA member. She will be a panelist for the February 12th Girls + Coaches panel. As a matter of fact, speaking with Sara to welcome her to NWSA gave me the idea for the panel.

I try my best to contact new members and introduce myself. Sara and I exchanged a few emails before I suggested a phone call. We had a delightful conversation about sailing. When Sara mentioned youth sailing, I thought wrongly I was talking to a coach, not a teenager. Let’s just say, I didn’t imagine I was discussing women’s sail with a ninth grader.

Here’s what I’ve learned about Sara since.

Sara Vey Ortiz started sailing five years ago at summer camp in Florida. Fortunately, Sara’s mother pre-paid for the next week of camp. It took a bit of coaxing before Sara embraced sailing.

Sara progressed from the Green Fleet to competing for the race team. During her time in Optis she competed in the Girls Nationals, qualifying for Team Trials. Yeah! She had a strong finish at Orange Bowl 2019.

Spring 2020 Sara used the Team Trials cancelation due to the pandemic to advance from the Opti to the 29er. Her goal is to win 29er Youth Worlds and to sail in college.

Attagirl Sara.