On April 3, to get an on-line toe hold and to learn about producing an on-line expo–with no regard for how that magic would happen–I announced the first NWSA on-line event: the premiere of the She Sailor Sea Story series, “Alone” would be on April 29. It was a crazy leap of faith. Off I launched from the crows nest into shark filled “LIVE” waters by announcing the event on Facebook. I’m glad I jumped. I’m thrilled Ayme Sinclair, Amali Knobloch and Ian Busching teamed up to make the storytelling and community building event actually work. They saved me from what appeared to be a bit of self-destruction and what would have surely been an embarrassment for the Association. They batted away hungry sharks, produced a great storytelling session and pulled me back into a metaphorical NWSA safety boat. I’m thankful.

In the meantime Margaret Pommert invited me to one of her well crafted live events. I jumped at the chance to see what I had gotten myself into and learn. The next day I invited her to tell a story. Then watched Ayme, Amali and Ian take the very old fashioned idea of storytelling into a virtual reality. Linda Newland volunteered to tell an “Alone” story too. And we would ask the audience. Wallah! Magically we did it. It was fun. So we did it again, and again. And plan more. I’m thankful.

The She Sailor stories apparently filled a human need during a rough time of self isolation and grew, propelled by hard work, extreame generosity and expertise. And the stories certainly served the purpose of beginning to educate me about the thrills and spills of live on-line events. I’ve learned a lot. I’m thankful

Today for your enjoyment, I’m happy to begin posting all the stories told so far for your enjoyment. Give them a listen! I’m thankful you are a member.