Meet Dr Anne Kolker Winner of LIWSA

Meet Dr Anne Kolker Winner of LIWSA

Congratulations to Dr. Anne Kolker for being selected as the 2023 Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award honoree. NWSA and BoatUS announced and presented the Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award to Anne Kolker at the June 3rd National Sailing Conference in Sail Newport in...

CHICAGO 2021 — Anchoring

The basics of anchoring, shown in an unusual way, to make it easy to see and understand how it all works. Premered at the Chicago NWSA conference on Septemeber 11, 2021.

CHICAGO 2021 — Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award

Enjoy the award ceremony for CAPT. Marie Rogers at Jackson Park Yacht Club on September 11, 2021 as recipient of the BoatUS / NWSA Leadership in Women’s Sailing Award. Although the Delta Variant of Covid 19 kept the in-person audience small, it was good fortune...

CHICAGO 2021 — Your Best boat

Picking your best boat is like picking a partner. There is a lot to consider and mistakes can be painful. On the other hand, a good choice can bring the owner great rewards. Speakers: Gail McCarthy Turluck and Captain Chiaka Patterson

CHICAGO 2021 — Sustainable Sailing

We all love our beautiful oceans, lakes and ponds and the amazing critters that inhabit them. Learn from a trio of professionals practical ways all of us can help protect and preserve the beauty and abundance found in our oceans. Speakers: Captain Rachael Zoe Miller,...