Advisory Council

Betsy Alison is an acclaimed racer who has led and coached disabled sailors.

Bernadette Bernon is the former editor of Cruising World magazine and founding director of the Cruising World Safety at Sea Seminars.

Doris Colgate is president and CEO of Offshore Sailing School and the founder of NWSA and the Women’s Sailing Foundation.

Nancy Erley is a two time circumnavigator and teacher, holding 50 and 100 ton licenses.

Sally Helme was the first female publisher and active in trade associations in the sailing industry. She developed the Take the Helm Program with Doris Colgate.

JJ Fetter is a two time Olympic medalist and a world sailing champion who was the first woman inducted into the Sailing World Hall of Fame.

Linda Lindquist-Bishop is a Strategist, Facilitator, Writer, Entrepreneur and Mentor as well as a world champion Sailor who led an Olympic Racing team. She currently runs the Rising Tide Leadership Institute.

Barbara Marrett

Kristan McClintock

Sheila McCurdy is a well-know sailboat racer as well as a writer and educator who serves on numerous boards.

Dawn Riley is executive director of Oakcliff Sailing Center, which trains racing sailors. She was crew on Maiden in the Whitbread Race.