Angelica Lopez

NWSA President’s Member of the Month for September 2020, Angelica Maria Lopez joined NWSA then jumped right in an volunteered to help review, edit and update the website.

She is excited to be a part of the women’s sailing sisterhood, helping with editing the NWSA website and participating in online events. Soon, she will have some stories of her own to share!

In the last few years, Angelica started exploring the sailing world and her love for the water grew. Living in Florida for awhile exposed her to the boating life, then moving to Michigan allowed her to enjoy friends’ boats. She is learning to sail on a Sunfish. Later this year, her friend will have a Precision 16. Angelica plans to crew and keep learning as she goes.

While not sailing Angelica coaches, develops and leads her asset management clients towards financial freedom and goals (like buying a yacht).