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NWSA President’s Member of the Month for December 2020 is Janna Cawrse Esarey. Janna is a sailor, author, and the book curator for the Women Who Sail newsletter. Janna’s first book, The Motion of the Ocean, is about how she sailed across the Pacific on her honeymoon and is still married. She’s working on a new memoir called MATE about how navigating modern parenthood is more perilous than sailing the Arctic.

In 2018, she and her husband and their two tween daughters attempted to sail through the Northwest Passage, an icy route newly open due to climate change. Janna and her family did not make it through the Northwest Passage, but Janna will gladly tell your organization what happened (via zoom) when you make a donation to AdventureSail. In May, Janna wowed the NWSA She Sailor Sea Story audience with her recounting of the Artic adventure during the LOOK UP episode.

Janna is currently a school bus driver on an island outside Seattle but, during the pandemic, is delivering meals rather than students; she likes being told she’s “essential.” Learn more at