Marine Diesel Engine Workshops for Women February 8-9

NWSA will resume in person courses as soon as circumstances allow.

Another fine educational experience to learn about maintaining and repairing your diesel engine.

This course covers the diesel engine plus the drive train including the stuffing box. This is a hands-on course. When you arrive, you will find a diesel motor disassembled with an intact block. All the other parts will be arranged on several tables. A diesel motor has six systems: fuel, raw water, fresh water, air, oil and electric. If any one of the systems malfunctions, you will be without an engine. You and your classmates will assemble the engine system-by-system, learning the purpose of each and the symptoms that will cause a part to fail. After assembling the engine, you will know what makes a diesel engine run, and if it stops, what system to go to t get it running again. To make it all come together, you will then go to a boat in the water with a working diesel and cause it to fail and get to go again.

This course will not turn you into a diesel mechanic, but it will give you the knowledge to diagnose the normal things that cause a diesel to fail (fuel problem or overheating being the most common), and know whether you can fix it or if you need to call in a mechanic.

Feb 8-9, 2020
At the Narragansett Sailing School
Cove Haven Marina,
101 Narragansett Ave.,
Barrington, RI 02806
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  • Time: 8:00am to 4:00pm both days
  • Fee: $440 for NWSA members for two six-hour sessions. Overnight accommodations are not included in the fee. $505 includes a new NWSA membership, good through April 2021.

Questions about the workshop details or the facility, contact Mary Goff at 401.250.5496 Questions about NWSA, contact Debbie at [email protected].