What to bring

Lifejacket (required)
Sailing gloves (required)
Non-marking, closed-toed boat shoes (required)
Refillable water bottle (required)
Sunglasses with leash
Cap, bandana or hat
Sunscreen with high SPF
Washcloth and towel
Indoor shoes, flipflops or scuffs
Light weight quick dry pants and shirts

Recommend to leave at home

Rolex watches (local sailors treasure hunt at water low)
Diamond rings (at your own risk. See above)
Bikini (average Nov water temp is between 59° and 74°)
Sandals (except for shower flipflops or for indoors)
Blow drier (average humidity is 29%)

The lay of the Lake

Lake Pleasant map with DOC highlighted

Get to the Desert Outdoor Center

The most straight forward route to Lake Pleasant from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is: Take I-10 west, to I-17 north, to Carefree Highway west, to N 87th Ave and north to the Desert Outdoor Center (DOC).

On 87th Ave. you will pass Lake Pleasant’s main entry gate to the left. Pass it. Watch for wild burros, bobcats, coyotes and javelinas crossing. It may be hard to keep your eyes on the road.

Continue to the Desert Outdoor Center gate. If no-one is on station, use the call box to open the gate if necessary. The road terminates at the DOC parking lot.

Pause to take in the spectactular views, then wait for service from the bellman. Maybe he will attend to your bags. Don’t wait too long. If you need help, walk in and holler for Bruce from Tumbleweed Sailing. He promises he will be at the ready.