Boston, MA October 2, 2003 - Frances McElwain Wakeman, of Cohasset, MA, inducted into New England Women's Sports Hall of Fame at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.



Frannie was a four-time winner of the prestigious Adams Cup, 1935-38. Frannie served as a Trustee of the Cup from 1947 to 2001. The US SAILING National Championship Trophy, the N.E. women's Junior Single Handed Trophy and the MASS Bay Women's Championship Trophy are all named in her honor.




November, 2003. Epstein receives Distinguished Service to Sailing Award.

 Susan Epstein of Sharon, MA, shared the limelight with outgoing Mass Bay President when she received Massachusetts Bay Sailing Association's prestigious Distinguished Service to Sailing Award at the association's annual awards dinner. This award is given annual to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the betterment of the sport of sailing.

Epstein has been sailing and competing all her life. Susan has been giving back to the sport extensively, beginning with instilling the love for sailing in her five children. Epstein joins the ranks of women who paved the way in the sport for today’s generation of girls who enjoy the competitive aspect with gender equality.

Epstein’s accomplishments include running the Junior Sailing Program for Hull Y.C. where she became the first woman commodore. She started the Wheaton College sailing team. She was the president of the 210 Class, president of MASS BAY SAILING, Area A Director for US SAILING, Chairman of the Women’s Sailing Committee and currently the Women’s Representative to the Board of US SAILING. Epstein is on the board of the National Women’s Sailing Association. Epstein was instrumental in bringing NWSA into US SAILING. She has been involved with NWSA’s AdventureSail® program and has worked with the NewFund to bring the sport of sailing to the attention of a larger audience. Susan has traveled extensively to carry out her duties in various capacities.



Stories and Scenes from prior AdventureSail® 2003 Events


2003 AdventureSail

 Sarah Pederson was the host for the Racine Yacht Club when it joined with the local YWCA to hold its fifth AdventureSail® program on July 25th. A beautiful day for everyone. Each girl received a handsome Certificate of Participation.



 July 11, 2003
Liberty Classroom aboard Liberty Tall Ship
Boston Harbor
co-chairs: Sue Corl and Joan Thayer
sponsorship: Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

 33 girls from Girls Inc. of Lynn had the opportunity to sail on the 125’ Tall Ship, Liberty, as part of the Liberty Classroom, an educational program conducted on board and under sail. The girls hoisted the sails and steered the ship along with other basic seamanship training while touring Boston Harbor. Despite the rain and fog, the girls toughed it out just as sailors had to do many many years ago. AdventureSail® T-shirts became turbans as protection against the weather. Large black garbage bags became rain coats. The girls were able to warm up and dry out below when they had lunch before helping to lower the sails before returning to the dock.

 The girls are participating in Eureka, a science, math, technology and sports summer program sponsored by Girls Inc.

 The Liberty Classroom, a program in its second year, offers local youth groups the rare chance to sail as student trainees on a three-hour educational sail aboard the 125’ Tall Ship Liberty. "We are very excited about offering this unique opportunity for girls to learn about sailing." said Patricia A. Driscoll, Executive Director of Girls Inc. The Liberty Classroom seeks to introduce young people to the value and excitement of the sailing experience. Said Captain John Wigglesworth, "We were delighted to have the girls with us. We are pleased that the program is growing with new groups such as AdventureSail and Girls Inc." "And that makes us all happy." Said co-chair Sue Corl.

 Girls Incorporated of Lynn became involved with the Liberty Classroom through its participation with the National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) and its AdventureSail®, a mentoring program for young girls at risk. This is the second year that NWSA has teamed up with Girls Inc for an AdventureSail® event. Sue and Joan were joined by Sally Lunt of Cambridge, also a member of NWSA and on the board of directors of the Liberty Classroom.



June 28, 2003
Hosted by Courageous Sailing Center, Charlestown, MA






The 7th AdventureSail® in the Boston area was held at Courageous Sailing Center on a

sunny, light-winded Saturday. Fourteen matches of Big and Little Sisters from the Greater Boston Big Sister Association arrived and were given bright pink AdventureSail T-shirts and assigned a boat. Two matches and a skipper sailed on Rhodes 19s for about an hour and a half. The girls returned to the Center at noon where other volunteer women were cooking up hot dogs and hamburgs. After lunch, the on-shore program included sailing anagrams, learning code flags and finally a knot tying session. Even the volunteers were learning a knot or two. Several girls expressed an interest in returning to Courageous for further sailing lessons, which are free to any child in the Boston area.


June 7, 2003. The Second Women's Sailing Conferencea Success


June 7, 2003. BoatUS and NWSA Award Leadership Award to Dawn Riley