May 6, 2017 AdventureSail® -Alameda Community Sailing Center, Alameda, CA
Rich Jepson


June 10, 2017AdventureSail® - Lake Pontchartrain Women’s Sailing Association, New Orleans, LA
Debbie Huntsman


 AdventureSail® Jump Starts the Summer at New Orleans Yacht Club

June 10, 2017 – New Orleans. “You can do anything,” said US Coast Guard Captain Lucinda Cunningham, commanding officer of Coast Guard Base in New Orleans. Her resounding message to the fourteen Girl Scouts who participated in the Lake Pontchartrain Women’s Sailing Association’s (LPWSA) AdventureSail® event at the New Orleans Yacht Club (NOYC) perfectly embodied the mission of the National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA). The picture-perfect sailing day featuring all female skippers on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain enriched the lives of these young girls through education and access to the sport of sailing.
AdventureSail® participants learned how sailboats work and then skillfully mastered raising and trimming sails, taking the helm, safety practices for sailing and man-overboard duties. The young sailors also tried their hand at radio communications, quickly adopting the protocols of hailing and proper use of terminology such as “over” and “out.”

“Introducing local children of all backgrounds to the fun they can have on the lake will certainly bring good things to sailing and the greater New Orleans community,” said Debbie Huntsman, Coordinator and National Women’s Sailing Association Board Member. Huntsman worked with the Girl Scouts of Louisiana East to engage girls who would not otherwise have a chance to go sailing. “The high level of interest shows there is a need for such programs,” said Huntsman.

It was easy to tell by the smiles that the AdventureSail® experience was fun for everyone, not just the girls. The four boats, a Cape Dory 27 (Muse), a J/80 (LL Cool J), a J35 (Footloose) and a 42’ cruiser (Starchaser) glided along the flat water in the steady south breeze along the shores of the lake giving the girls and chaperones a thrilling morning on the water. The lunchtime pizza party included impromptu sailing quizzes and prizes offered by NOYC members and some America’s Cup action on the club’s TV. The girls dazzled club members with their knowledge retention and enthusiasm.
This year’s event brought two return sailors from the Pleasant Zion Troupe including two scholarship recipients, Kyla and Karma. Karma, who attended AdventureSail® 2016, is an outstanding example of the leadership and sailing skills the NWSA aims to instill in young girls. “It was clear during the sail that Karma is good role model for the other Girl Scouts. She retained a lot of what she learned a year ago.” Karma will attend sailing camp at the NOYC later this summer under a scholarship from LPWSA, along with Kyla who is a Women’s Sailing Foundation AdventureSail®scholarship recipient. Both girls are very aware of and excited about the doors that have opened to them because of the AdventureSail® program.
The second AdventureSail® event, scheduled for August 5, is already booked to capacity.



June 24, 2017AdventureSail® - Courageous Sailing Center, Boston, MA
Co-chairs: Joan Thayer and Pat Dieselman

Host facility: Courageous Sailing Center, Charlestown, MA

Partnered with Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

 Rain rain go away and it did!

Saturday June 24th at the 20th AdventureSail event at Courageous Sailing Center there was much discussion about whether we could sail or not due to the rain and thunderstorms coming behind it.  After the 18 sets of big and little sisters from the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston arrived, checked in with Pat Dieselman and Jen Chaisson and picked up their t-shirts from Flossie,  Jen Bodde, of Courageous, gave a safety talk, and assigned the pairs to volunteer skippers. Four skippers including Jen herself were from Courageous.  Stephanie and Rebecca from the Big Sister Association were pitching right in  with coordinating the girls, assisting with life jackets and the shore activities. 

By the time we had finished rigging the boats, the rain had stopped and a gentle breeze with a few puffs came in.  We ventured into Boston Harbor and wended our way around the ferry boats, larger sail boats and power boats.  The girls jumped at the opportunity to steer the Rhodes 19.

We returned to shore where the grill was fired up and hot dogs and burgers awaited the hungry sailors.

Following lunch there was  a brief review of the parts of the boats (very well done for the amount of new terminology the girls had tossed at them), we launched into three commonly used knots:  the figure eight, the square knot and the bowline.  The skippers went around giving one on one assistance.  Sometimes the girls caught on so quickly, they were teaching the other girls themselves.  Nice plan.   Having learned that that two lines could be tied together, the girls were soon out in the sun jumping rope.  We ended the afternoon with a group photo on the pier and many smiles and thank yous.

A fabulous day for all. We are grateful for the support of Courageous Sailing Center and particularly to Jen Bodde and the Courageous skippers. 




July 8, 2017AdventureSail® - Breakwater Yacht Club, Sag Harbor, NY
Val Cook and Charlene Kagel

July 13, 2017AdventureSail® - Racine Yacht Club, Racine, WI
Amy Cermak

August 5, 2017AdventureSail® - Lake Pontchartrain Women’s Sailing Association, New Orleans, LA
Debbie Huntsman