July 11th AdventureSail®

Coordinator: Charlene Kagel and Cammy Gleason

Host Facility: Breakwater Yacht Club, Sag Harbor, NY

Sponsors: Apply Bank, Corcoran Group, Sag Harbor Beverage, Goat On A Boat and BNB

Val Cook, WSF board member, and Donna Lipper, NWSA member, attended the 16th AdventureSail at the Breakwater YC in Sag Harbor New York. 27 girls from Project Most, I Tri, and the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Long Island Association were treated to a day’s activities on the water in a six different boats. The day was sunny with a gentle breeze. After the races, there was lunch and medals provided by the Yacht Club.



AdventureSail® - Boston

June 13, 2015

Co-chairs: Dar Collins and Ellen Gray

Host Facility: Courageous Sailing Center

Big Sister Association of Greater Boston


Courageous Sailing Center in Charlestown,MA, hosted the 18th AdventureSail® event for 19 pairs of big and little sisters aged 9 to 14 from the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston. Despite the rainy forecast, the skies were partly cloudy, the temperature was about 70 degrees with oscillating winds from 4 to 8 knots. After receiving bright yellow t-shirts from volunteers Pat Dieselman and Flossie Porn, and a safety talk by Courageous staff, it was time to go sailing. It was a little tricky getting away from the pier with the wind moving around so much. Once away from the pier, the Rhodes 19 with 5 aboard moved quickly down Boston Harbor. No long after the introduction to the boat and basic terminology, the girls eagerly but timidly took the helm and also trimmed the sails. Smiles beamed from ear to ear when they realized that they were controlling the movement of the boat.

It was a good idea that Couragaeous staff had given each skipper a radio. They could keep a check on the “fleet” and call us home at the right time. We arrived back at the pier with a much gentler landing. Dar Collins and Michu Rosen of Hingham, keeping an eye on our return, had fired up the grill. Being on the water increased our appetites so the waiting hamburgers, hot dogs, cookies and chips were consumed quickly. Following lunch we had a group photo and then went under the tent for a recap on our newly learned terms. The girls had remembered the basic parts of the boats, but the points of sail were challenging. Ellen Gray then led the afternoon knot session. Gray introduced a most interesting way to remember the Figure Eight knot: the alien who need to be choked and then punched! Whatever happened to gentle rabbit coming out of the hole ducking around the tree and scampering back into the hole? The skippers continued to coach the girls with one-on-one help. There were only successes around the tables.



It was a wonderful day for everyone. Skippers included Ellen Gray, Erin Devine of South Boston, Debbie Noble and Joan Thayer of Marblehead, Debbie Medenbach of NY and Carrie Will formerly of Hingham and several of the Courageous staff. We are grateful to Courageous Sailing Center for being our host and Boston Private Bank for its financial support for each of the 18 years.






AdventureSail® - Portland, OR

Host: Oregon Women’s Sailing Association

Event chair: Lauren Goche (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Date: May 9, 2015











A smashing success with 17 girls from Girls Inc on May 9th. The adults took the girls out on 6 different boats. The sun was shining all day. The temperature was 80 degrees, but the wind got a slow start. By the end, the wind had increased to a nice 12 knots, providing for a wonderful afternoon of sailing. Amazing food too. The girls had a blast and left with HUGE smiles!






AdventureSail® - Alameda Community Sailing Center, May 3, 2015. Coordinator: Rich Jepse