AdventureSail® – Racine, WI – July 29, 2014
Chair: Amy Cermak
Host Facility: Racine Yacht Club




The weather conditions were perfect for the 2014 AdventureSail® activities. This year the program provided more hands-on water activities through the use of the Racine Yacht Club's optimist prams, canoes, paddle boats, stand up paddle boards, and kayak's. As the girls arrived they were quickly engaged in learning how to tie a few knots before Kaisa Herrmann kicked off the event by singing the national anthem. The girls learned about safety, on and in the water, and the importance of wearing a life jacket.

Sailing instructor, Gabby Herrmann provided a brief introduction to sailing before the girls went sailing.

The girls caught on quickly to driving the boat using a tiller. The girls had a wonderful day on the water, that could not have happened without the many volunteers from Racine Yacht Club!





AdventureSail® – Sag Harbor, NY – July 12, 2014
Chair: Charlene Kagel
Host Facility: Breakwater Yacht Club

A gorgeous sun-filled day brought out about 20 pairs of big and little sisters from the Big Sister Association for a day on the water, complete with races and trophies at the end.

Board Member Val Cook and NWSA member Donna Lipper were on hand to see the smiles on everyone’s faces.


AdventureSail® – Boston – June 14, 2014
Co-chairs: Susan Epstein and Darthea Collins
Host facility: Courageous Sailing Center, Charlestown, MA

Co-chairs Susan Epstein and Dar Collins greeted the 19 pairs of big and little sisters from the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston Saturday morning at Courageous Sailing Center. After Pat Dieselman and the Big Sister coordinator checked them in, the girls were outfitted with lifejackets and assigned skippers. Kate Henderson, youth director at Courageous, welcomed the girls and gave them some idea of what the day would be like – boats would heel, lots of traffic on the water, listen to your skipper and have fun! The weather was very calm, in fact, almost no wind. But the girls found the paddle on each boat and soon they were making their own wind. The Rhodes 19 moved quietly down the harbor. Confronting the various powerboats, sailboats and ferries gave new meaning to Keep Your Eyes Open!

The wind finally picked up to about 5 knots just as it was time to head back for burgers on the pier. Dar and other volunteers had fired up the grill, and the lunch table was ready with burgers, hot dogs, brownies and chips. Comfort food! After lunch Susan led the knot tying session. The skippers and other volunteers gave individual attention. The bowline was always the most challenging knot, but some very sharp girls mastered it on the first or second try. One of the girls suggested that they could tie the lines into a jump rope. Out the tent went about 8 of the girls. Knots were tied hastily resulting in one very long jump rope. Unfortunately as the rope came full circle some of the knots did not hold. But the girls had put the new knowledge to practical use. And it was fun seeing their faces light up with their result. Then the girls got T-shirts and bag and photos were taken against the Boston skyline with the sun shining brightly.

It was a wonderful day for everyone and we appreciate the support of Courageous Sailing Center with the boats, two skippers and providing a tent for our on-shore activities. We also appreciate the skippers and on-land volunteers. We thank Boston Private Bank & Trust Company for its financial contribution.