June 9 2007 Charlestown,  MA
Host club:  Courageous Sailing Center
Event Chair:  Susan Epstein This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Although the weather was dismal, 17 young girls between the ages of 9 and 13 arrived with their big sisters at Courageous Sailing Center in Charlestown, MA, to experience a day of sailing or better said sailing-related activities.   While waiting for the storm to pass, and it never did materialize, the girls were treated to the songs and stories of Donna Lange, a recent solo circumnavigator from Bristol,RI.  Donna, a grandmother of four, told how so much of what she learned from as early as grade school on through college came together as she set sail across the Atlantic.  Commented event chair, Susan Epstein, "I think Donna got across to the girls that keeping the door open for new experiences now may make a difference in their lives many years later.  Donna was very inspiring and we were very pleased that she could join us." 

he girls then had a session on knot tying before putting on life jackets and heading to the dock and Rhodes 19s.  It took a few minutes to get their balance on the small boats.  The girls put to use their new skill of knot tying as sails were raised and sheets were trimmed, all at the dock.  Up on the pier, women were heating up the grill for lunch.  The USS Constitution was making its annual turnaround just in time for a backdrop for some photos.   Bryan Peugh, associate executive director, invited the group back on a better day.

This was the 11th year that the AdventureSail® event has been held at the Center with the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.



June 16, 2007 Grass Valley, CA
Host organization: Gold Country Yacht Club
Event Chair: Tish Buti

Although NWSA had been out of touch with this group for several years, Tish Buti has been running an AdventureSail anually. We were able to send them the banner in time for this year. The girls eagerly look forward to the day.