AventureSail® July 16, 2011 Portland, OR
Host: Oregon Women’s Sailing Association (OWSA)
Event Chair: Judi Davis, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On July 16th, Oregon Women Sailing Association paired with Girls Inc. of NW Oregon (a non-profit that helps young at-risk girls) to bring this exciting adventure to Portland, Oregon for the first time.

The event was held at Rose City Yacht Club on the Columbia River. The nine girls, ages 11-13, and first time sailors came with Girls Inc. chaperones to pair with the OWSA mentors to give each girl a 1:1 adult ratio. There were five boats with experienced OWSA women skippers at the helm. The skippers also had OWSA members to serve as crew so that the chaperones & mentors could focus on giving the girls their full attention.



The day started with dark clouds and a constant drizzle but before any of the outside activities got underway, a gentle breeze arrived with a bright, warm, sun & scattered clouds. This really helped to ease the anxieties of Judi Davis, OWSA Adventure Sail Chair, and all of the chaperones and mentors.


A brief gathering in the clubhouse started the day.  The girls met their OWSA Mentors, Skippers and Crew.  Next came some sailing basics and safety followed by learning a few sailor knots.  Each girl received a folder with hand outs from the Lower Columbia Estuary and learned a bit about the responsibility of Environmental Stewardship.  Just before leaving for the On the Water activity the girls were fitted for their lifejackets and given awesome sport bags donated by Nike and filled with goodies from OWSA.

Out on the river, the sailors enjoyed a variety of experiences from raising the main, talking on the VHF, hoisting the jib, learning a few knots & getting time at the helm.

After returning to the RCYC dock, all were treated to a delicious BBQ & picnic, a wonderful "sailboat" cake and spent time celebrating their successes!

During the picnic, everyone was entertained by stories from two OWSA members who’ve turned sailing into a part-time job & spend time traveling the world delivering boats & furthering their sailing education by becoming licensed captains.



As goodbyes were given, there were big smiles on each face and the one question asked, over and over again, was "When do we get to do this again?"








Judi Davis: OWSA AdventureSail® Chair
Photos: Dena Kent & Judi Davis


AdventureSail® June 11, 2011 Charlestown, MA
Host club: Courageous Sailing Center
Event Chair: Susan Epstein, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Additional funding provided by Boston Private Bank & Trust Company



 It was a cool, damp and drizzly day in Charlestown when the 19 pairs of "sisters" - big and small - arrived from the Big Sister Organization of Greater Boston. AdventureSail® Chairwoman Susan Epstein - staying dry under Courageous Sailing's tent - started the day with a knot tying lesson. Demonstrating that knowledge shouldn't be compartmentalized, she showed that the basics for tying a square knot are the same as for perfectly tied bow ties, tying ones shoes, and putting two lines of like diameter together for making a very long jump rope. If the shoelace bow does not lay flat and straight across on the shoe, it is not a square knot and probably will end up as a hard to untie "granny" knot. Figure eights or "stopper" knots were mastered in short order, and then it was time to change activities. Having almost a dozen volunteer women sailors for one-on-one assistance increased confidence early and in short order the little sisters were excitedly showing their newly acquired knot tying expertise.


Photos by Russ Bolt, www.russbolt.com

The rain lifted and Susan assigned a set of two sister pairs, each to a boat with skipper...10 boats in all. After being fitted for life jackets, the girls listened intently to the safety instructions of Dave DiLorenzo of Courageous Sailing, before heading out with their skipper for a relatively dry sail around inner Boston Harbor. Adding to the excitement was the myriad of other craft sailing in the harbor: a large tanker, several harbor ferries, lots of sail boats, and tourist "buses".

 Shortly before noon the boats returned to the pier and were met by Kate Henderson and others of the Courageous staff who put away the boats while the newly minted "sailors" headed for the barbecue grill and warmer territory. Soft yellow AdventureSail® t-shirts were a welcomed treat, adding a little reminder of sunshine, as they fit quite well over the girls' clothes. More compliments were heard from the AdventureSail® volunteer skippers on the good work of the teams of big and little sisters.

 Again, the rains came bringing more dampness into the tent. The day ended early, but not before the traditional group photo. Smiles all around indicated that the weather had had no affect on the enjoyment the girls had on the water...Might also be because the girls knew that Courageous would welcome back anyone who was interested in more sailing!