2nd Marine Electrical Workshop February 21 and 22

Fresh from the 2 day Electrical and Marine Systems Workshops, all 15 women were smiling on their accomplishments.

ABYC Master Marine Tech and WSF Board Member, Beth Burlingame, (far right) presented the hands-on event.



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Inaugural Marine Electrical Workshop Well Received

Beth Burlingame lead a terrific interactive workshop on February 9th at the Quonset Davisville Navy Yacht Club.  Eight women from New Jersey to Maine came together to pick up tools to learn wire gauge size, strip and crimp the wires.

After lunch the women teamed up to hook up the GPS to the radio and make it all work when the switch was thrown.  High fives for everyone.


Elaine Lembo, Deputy Editor, of Cruising World magazine attended. Elaine’s article captures the mood and zest of the day.  Read Elaine's article here.